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Each year in April, we actively participate at Equine Affaire, a national equine exposition held in Columbus, OH. This is an excellent venue for us to showcase our wonderful breed to the public thru direct hands on interactions at the breed booths/promotion stalls, and with under saddle demonstrations in the ring. 

Once again, Mid Ohio Walking Horse Association did a great job promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse in breeds booths/promotion stalls with NWHA, WHOA and TWHBEA, and wonderfully choreographed riding demonstrations. 

President Mag Ranft arranged for a total of 16 horses to represent the breed. There were 10 horses for 6 different demonstrations in ring and some time in breed booths/promotional stalls, and another 6 horses specifically for the promotional stalls. Along with the horses, came 16 owners and 5 trainers. 

The weather this year was less than accommodating, However, an advantage to lousy weather outside is more horse lovers inside to shop, attend clinics, learn about different breeds and clubs...and most importantly, learn about MOWHA and the wonderful sound, flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse !!

Owners, trainers and volunteers worked hard all weekend to display our horses, answer questions and promote the breed to so many of the 300,000 to 400,000 folks who attended Equine Affair.  It was a great opportunity to address various misunderstandings regarding the breed, talk with fellow TWH lovers from many states....and promote our Ohio shows !!

​Many, many thanks to all of those who helped in front and behind the scenes. Special thanks to Beth Jennings for the dramatic new music for the under saddle riding demos, and to Stacey Hotchkiss for once again performing her magic on the saddle demo scripts. 

Promotion of the TWH is one of our purposes, and Equine Affaire was a great opportunity to do just that !!

Horses in breed under saddle demos: 
Stone Cold Bandit – owned by Marianne Springer & Mag Ranft – ridden by Jim Potter
Reveal The Storm - owned and ridden by Tracie Grandstaff
Ritz’ Fort Knox – owned and shown by Maria Redmond
Smokin’ the Line – owned and ridden by Jean Marie Degville
Excaliber’s Dark Knight – owned by Jason & Tiffany Crawhorn – ridden by Jason Crawhorn
Gen All Around - owned by David & Beth Lamb – ridden by Beth Lamb
He’s Bummed Out – owned and ridden by Kaycie Bowen
Allen’s Gottaround - owned by David & Beth Lamb – ridden by Kyle Elliott
Allen All Around – owned by Lee & Linda Ritter – ridden by Zach Parsons
Allen’s Heartthrob – owned by David & Beth Lamb – ridden by Mikal Spooner

Other horses used in breed/promotion stalls: 
Yardley – Mag Ranft
Whoopi’s Promise Angel – Wendy Kaufman
Rowdy Sunshine – Gordon & Pam Lawler
Ozone Alert – Marianne Springer
Harlow Gold – Jean Marie Degville
Gen’s Gift of Gold – Carolyn Andrews

National Walking Horse Association (NWHA) Booth Manager – Maria Redmond (brought almost everything, ordered merchandise, staff, set up, tear down and take it all home)
Equine Affaire Coordinator – Mag Ranft (arranged for horses, scripts, music, set up breed stalls and helped with the NWHA booth )
Booth Help & more – Wendy Kaufman, Marsha Coffey, Ted Degville, Marianne Springer, Jean Marie Degville, John Davis
Coloring Books – Marsha Coffey & General Motors
Breed Demo Music – Beth Jennings
Breed Demo Scripts – Stacey Hotchkiss
Other support – Carolyn Andrews, Tracie Grandstaff, Jim Potter, Beth Lamb, David Lamb, Mikal Spooner, Kyle Elliott, Kaycie Bowen, Lisa Bowen, Jason Crawhorn, Tiffany Crawhorn, Stephanie Bargo, Natalie Swackhammer, Lexi Surgener, Hannah Oney, Carrie Oney & Jason Oney

Mid-Ohio Walking Horse Association
In 2017, Equine Affaire will be held April 6-9.  We hope you are able to attend and get a chance to stop by the NWHA booth...we would love to see you.  If your are interested in becoming involved with Equine Affaire  and the MOWHA group, contact Mag Ranft:  614-946-7046 or magranft@hotmail.com