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After a 2 year hiatus, Equine Affaire returned for 2022. The Mid-Ohio Walking Horse Association actively participates at Equine Affaire the largest equine exposition/trade show in North America, held in Columbus, OH. This is an excellent venue to showcase our wonderful breed to the public thru direct hands-on interactions at breed promotion stalls, education presentation and under saddle ring demonstrations. 

Mid Ohio Walking Horse Association, with the invaluable work of association president Mag Ranft, did a great job promoting NWHA 
and Tennessee Walking Horse to the public at Equine Affaire in 2022.   

Mag Ranft arranged for 8 Champion horses to represent the breed across multiple divisions. There were 6 horses for ring demonstrations and breed booth/promotional stalls, and another 2 horses dedicated to breed booth/promotional stalls. There was also an in-hand demonstration with public Q&A. 

The under saddle breed demo horses represented All Day Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Trail Pleasure and Plantation divisions with both English and Western, showing 2-gait and canter. The riders included youth, amateur owned and trained, amateur and professional. 

This year we had a variety of colors including black, sorrel, spotted and gray, to display to the public. Along with the horses, came the owners from states including Ohio and Wisconsin. Trainer Jim Potter from Ohio, who is also the NWHA President, donated his time/services to his customers for this event. All of the horses presented are owned by members of both Mid-Ohio and NWHA. 

The weather was chilly with on/off rain. But, an advantage to chilly and rainy weather outside, is more horse lovers inside to shop, attend clinics and breed demos, learn about different breeds and clubs...and most importantly, learn about NWHA and the wonderful flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse!!

Mid-Ohio Walking Horse Association folks worked hard all weekend to display the horses, answer questions and promote the breed to so many of the 300,000 to 400,000 folks who attended Equine Affair each year. It was a great opportunity to share the multiple aspects and opportunities with a TWH from rail to trail, to connect with fellow TWH lovers from many states....and to promote NWHA and Mid-Ohio affiliated shows as well. 

Promotion of the TWH is one of the purposes of Mid-Ohio Walking Horse Association, and Equine Affaire is a great opportunity to do just that. Many, many thanks to all who helped in front and behind the scenes. 

Horses in under saddle demo: 
Whoopi's Promise Angel – All Day Pleasure English.  Owned and ridden by Wendy Kaufman.
Final’s Jazz Man – All Day Pleasure Western with canter.  Rider Youth Kenzie Gildow. Owner Eric Gildow. 
Zahara – All Day Pleasure Western with canter.  Owned and ridden by Athena Lowe. 
Holy Jose! – Country Pleasure Western.  Rider Youth Addy Ostrum. Owners Alex and Sara Ostrum. 
Gin’s Little Demon – Junior Trail Pleasure English.  Owned and ridden by Amy Messersmith. 
Extra Classic – Plantation English with canter.  Rider Jim Potter. Owner Mag Ranft. 

Under saddle/demo horses spend some time in the promotion stalls. But the horses dedicated to promotion stalls spend extended hours in the Pavilion over the course of the event, and have direct contact and interaction with thousands of folks that come thru...requiring horses that are extremely tolerant, friendly and inquisitive. The two horses dedicated to promotion stalls: 
Ozone Alert – SSH, Racking, Halter.  Owner Marianne Springer. 
Mischief Managed – Junior Trail Pleasure.  Owner Mag Ranft. 

National Walking Horse Association (NWHA) Booth Manager – Mag Ranft brought everything, from merchandise to the TV with NWHA videos, and handled all the set up along with help from Wendy Kaufman. Then, tear down along with help from Marianne Springer and Wendy Kaufman....all back into Mag’s trailer for Mag to haul back home for safe keeping until next year! 

Equine Affaire Coordinator – Mag Ranft arranged for horses, demos, choreographs, scripts, music, stall signs, promotion stalls, barn stalls, and a LOT more. 
Booth Help & more – Mag Ranft, Marianne Springer, Wendy Kaufman. 
Breed Demo Scripts – Stacey Hotchkiss
Breed Demo Music – Mag Ranft
Other support – Jim Potter, Amy Messersmith, Matt Janisch, Eric Gildow, Lori Snyder and Mike Lowe, Athena Lowe, Alex and Sara Ostrum. 

Mid-Ohio Walking Horse Association

In 2024, Equine Affaire will be held April 11-14 at Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio.